New ROS 2 Video Tutorials

Hi everyone, I hope this is an appropriate place to mention this.

I’ve recently been working on some fairly beginner-level tutorials on ROS and I thought it was time to share something here. Today’s video is on the ROS transform system, and is available at the below link, with an associated blog post for those who prefer written content.

The main project I am working on is a series on building a fairly low-cost autonomous platform running ROS 2, utilising ros2_control, slam_toolbox, and other great packages. I’m hoping to record these in the coming months, but in the meantime I have been familiarising myself with the video production process by creating some more general tutorials on setting up a ROS 2 development environment.

I felt that there weren’t a huge number of ROS 2 tutorials out there compared to ROS 1, and hopefully it provides a good entry point for someone out there.

Any feedback or suggestions would be much appreciated! (As would a like/subscribe :wink: )



Hi @joshnewans I’ve been looking for elaborate nav2 tutorials and blog posts online for quite some time now. I would love if you can create some similar tutorials on how to build a basic robot with nav2 stack.
Thank you.


Thanks @pr-db, I am hoping to include some nav2 tutorials, however I haven’t explored it in too much depth myself just yet, so that will be coming after the rest :slight_smile:

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