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ROS-A Focused Initiative for Agriculture


ROS-A is a focused initiative for using ROS in Agriculture.

The goal is to make close loop autonomous farming a reality.

We are working on data collection and agricultural data standards. If you would like to participate in the project we will have a breakout session at ROSCon 2017 to discuss the ROS-A standards.

Follow us online Twitter @ROSAgriculture or signup to join the conversation at

Thank you for supporting open source robotics,

Matt Droter

Tel: 866 565-3025


Hi. I’ve looked at the site and am interested, but am wondering what I’m ‘signing up’ for. What sort of platform do you use to host the discussion? A forum?

Additionally: are you primarily focusing on the US, or are users from other countries also welcome?


Right now we are setup on Slack at

US based but this is a global challenge. Everyone is welcome to participate.

If you are interested in starting a ROS-A meetup in your location contact us.


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I’ve done a lot of work in greenhouse automation and control. As a part of this I’ve done automatic irrigation based on sensor data, HVAC control, supplemental lighting and other things (control of fan rates and pumps). Is there work being done yet on this front within ROS-A? If not, is there interest in it under the ROS-A project?


There is interest in your project. Can you and I get in touch with each other directly, to discuss possibilities?

Bill Mania

Sure. Can you PM me and we can discuss how to discuss more?

Hi @ROS-A,
This is a very interesting initiative. I would like to join and contribute to the project. I am currently involved in a reasonable amount of farming/forestry projects.

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A new SIG datasets group is now active and WE NEED YOU. Please join us on our ROS-A slack -> #sig_datasets. Start here

I would love to lurk and potentially help out on this effort. I have some experience putting together large forestry data sets and I would love to figure out how to dovetail this effort with the perception working group.

AFAICT I need someone to invite me to the slack group.

If our proposal for a new category is accepted, we will keep track of these initiatives in #ros-agriculture .

I’ve just posted: New category for ROS-Agriculture.

@Pedro_Machado @ROS-A

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