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ROS Action / Parameter Bridge

just want to here opinions and comments on this topic from everyone.

ROS2 does not have parameter server, which is different architecture from ROS1 that parameter combined with individual nodes. that is totally fine, but what im considering is we need parameter bridge or not? i guess that there would be some time window to support ROS1 and ROS2 hybrid system. at that time, maybe parameter bridge would be required. and if this is common request, that there should be some module to do that.

besides about the actions bridge, this would be also required as well. (BTW, actions just coming up with “Dashing”)

I really like to hear opinions about this, so please share what you think. any idea/comments will do good.


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We at Fraunhofer IPA, have a proposal for an action_bridge.

Feedback and PRs are welcome.


If ros2 lacks a parameter server then be sure to write your parameter bridge carefully as it will become the defacto ros2 parameter server and have a long life. It will not be a temporary thing. Temporary solutions like this tend to not be temporary if they fill a need

While ROS 2 doesn’t provide an official parameter server replacement any node can provide that functionality. A demo of such a node is being proposed in

Actions have already been available in Crystal, see past announcements:


alright, let’s discuss action_bridge on introducing-action-bridge.

sorry i was missing the information, that is Crystal.
anyway i will look into