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Moveit and ROS-I Migration

I am planning to use MoveIt and Descartes in Ros2.0. Will I be able to migrate these packages through available ros bridges?

Those packages have not been ported (to my knowledge). You might be able to run them through the bridge, so long as the place you choose to put the bridge in the communication does not use Actions, as we don’t have them in ROS 2.

Seeing MoveIt and descartes mentioned I’m guessing the application is going to involve motion control of an industrial robot.

All ROS-I drivers use action interfaces for interaction with clients. As there is no support for that in ROS2, you would either have to keep the code that interacts with the driver on the ROS1 side, or perhaps (but I’m not sure about this) do some manual publishing & tracking of the underlying messages.

Descartes itself is almost completely agnostic of the middleware. IIRC, it only uses JointState msgs in one of the examples so those can be submitted to the action servers in the drivers.

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Yes I am planning to test that out. Will keep things updated in this thread.

Just some update here. Just like the other ros bridge demo, I could set up the bridge and subscribe to joint information passed on to from moveit running in ros1 and publish them in the ros2 terminal.

Looking forward to ros2 actions, maybe could do a bit more with moveit in ros2 after that.