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ROS Belgium user group creation

@tfoote Belgium is a tiny country of passionate roboticists and we propose a group to bring the community together

Name: The ROS Belgium user group
Language of Preference: English otherwise we never satisfy our Dutch, French, German and international roboticists.

Blurb: Dear Belgian ROS user - we’ve created this group on Discourses to bring all Belgian robotics enthusiasts together to share and build common experiences with ROS and robotics. Our goal is to create a thriving community of roboticists who enjoy developing on ROS and working together to build physical systems. We want to make the community grow into monthly physical meetups across Belgium and expose the community to robotics R&D that’s actually happening (yes we have a lot of robotics research!) in many leading robotics research groups and organisations in Flanders. This is our chance to accelerate the robotic ecosystem in Belgium! Welcome.

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Hi @keshavchintamani, Thanks for the proposal. There’s definitely quite a bit of ROS activity in Belgium. To make sure that there’s enough interest in this group, please recruit a number of people who plan to be active in the group and can express interest in continuing to participate in this group regularly. The most important part of having an active community is not having the forum but having people who will be active in it.

For reference our standard process is here: How to propose a new Local User Group

@tfoote sorry I missed that part. I’ll start a thread on this and poll users for interest.

You can continue to use this thread for people to reply. That will keep the relevant info together.

@tfoote thanks for the suggestion

Dear Belgian ROS enthusiasts, support us to create a ROS user group focused on the Belgian ecosystem. Whether you are in Wallonia, Flanders or Brussels, share your enthusiasm with us so we can get enough support to create a group page!

I support such an user group page! Let me know when it exists :wink:

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Awesome! @2MuchD8a - do pass this to your colleagues and ROS friends in BE who could support us!

Let’s show silicon valley who’s boss :wink:

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Always nice to connect with fellow roboticists

I support this endeavour!

Hi All,

Thanks for much for the words of support! Its clear that we need to go out and canvas for more support from our Belgian ROSers!

@tfoote we have 5 members and have spread the word around so more people can join in. Can we create an official thread for the user group?

I’d suggest that you start a thread in the Local User Group parent category since you’re planning to communicate in English. Until you’re using that regularly enough for topics that are only locally relevant I don’t think that it’s worth segmenting it off from the main site where you can participate with the larger English speaking community.