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ROS Developers Podcast #67: ROS2 DDS Fast RTPS with Jaime Martin Losa

ROS Developers Podcast #67: ROS2 DDS Fast RTPS with Jaime Martin Losa
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Today, I would like to dedicate the episode to all those ROS developers that are considering moving into ROS2. I know, we are very comfortable with ROS1 because we already know how it works, and we have a big base of code created to support our future developments. ROS2 is a little bit more scary, we need to start almost from scratch and construct all that ecosystem for our robot or product once again. I know, but, after all, aren’t we engineers? Aren’t we here to take technological challenges and beat them? Yes we are! So, now it is a good moment to accept the challenge and start with ROS2. For those of you that take the step forward, this episode is dedicated to you.

Today we are going to talk with one of the persons behind Fast-RTPS, you know the default DDS mechanism that Open Robotics ships with ROS2. What is Fast-RTPS? Why is it shipped by default on ROS2? How can we take the most of it? Well, those are the questions that we are going to have answered today.

So now, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Jaime Martin Losa. Jaime is the CEO of eProsima the company developing Fast RTPS. He is an expert in middlewares, and as such, he leads also the eProsima OMG membership, and he is the responsible of eProsima contribution to the DDS standards.

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