ROS for Medical BOF at ROSCon

There is growing interest in the use of ROS2 for mission critical applications. The use of ROS in medical applications specially, robotic assisted surgery is no exception to this. Investments in robotics assisted surgery sector is increasing significantly and there is a lot of chatter around the use of ROS in such settings. KARL STORZ (link) is an established name in the Medtech space and now with the incorporation of KARL STORZ VentureONE (link), STORZ is inclined to bring ROS to the Medtech and robotic assisted surgery domain.

Through the Birds of Feather announcement for ROS4Med, I would like to establish a community of likeminded individuals and companies who are willing to share their experience, thoughts and be willing to drive a shared development strategy to pave way for quality healthcare at affordable costs.

Join us on 2023-10-19T20:10:00Z In Celestin H at ROSCon in New Orleans. As listed in the BOF section of the ROSCon Program


I am pleased to see some traction in this application. I believe ROS2 has great potential to accelerate development in the space of medical devices. Myself and many of my colleagues will be attending representing JnJ MedTech. I am looking forward to this opportunity. See you there!


Such a great initiative! As somebody personally affected by this and probably soon to receive surgery by a surgical laproscopic robot, I would love ROS to come to a point that it would be suitable for this. I can not come to ROScon due to early mentioned reason but I would have joined, eventhough this is not exactly my (current) field!

Good luck and give an update on how it went!


Hi DMaughan,

Looking foward to meet you and your colleagues and discuss potential topics of interest. I am pleased to see fellow roboticists inclined towards this common goal.

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