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ROS packages on conda / conda-forge

Hey all, first off thank you so much for offering these packages! I have a question and a request.

Question: who maintains these? is it someone at openrobotics, or is it you @wolfv ?

Request: I would like to use the normal boost which is available on conda, but the ros stuff seems to depend on something called boost-cpp. Unfortunately these conflict. So for instance, I cannot build things which use boost python inside my conda environment. Could you instead depend on a boost version provided in conda already, or somehow allow me to have a boost python that works in my conda environment? I have no idea how hard this would be to do, but I think it would be very useful since lots of tools in the ROS ecosystem (OMPL in particular) use boost python!

Is it possible ROS could standardise on the SPDX identifiers? I know Alpine Linux uses them too.

That probably isn’t impossible. It might need a revision of the manifest format to specify the restriction on the <license> element, and would probably require various tools that deal with manifest files to check that the restriction is being followed. @dirk-thomas would know more about how feasible it is.

A restriction to the license tag value can’t be added to an existing REP / format version. Simply because it would break existing content.

The REP could be amended though to e.g. recommend using SPDX identifiers.

In a future ROS 2 distro the linters could be updated to warn when non-SPDX identifiers are used. But obviously that needs a transition time (and probably contributions to existing packages to be updated in order to comply).