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ROS platforms survey

Hi ROS users!
We are interested in knowing which hardware platforms are the favorite ones to run ROS so we’d like to ask a few minutes of your time to fill the following survey. We’ll be sharing the results once it’s closed. Thanks for your collaboration!

Click here to fill out the survey


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You have Laptop computer i386 twice.
Do you mean to have Laptop computer x86_64 for the second mention?

Thanks for the catch. Yes it was supposed to be x86_64. I’ve updated the form.

It would have been nicer if default values were already filled so that I didn’t have to fill in all rows.

If you follow this link it has the multiple choice prepopulated to 0

I see that. Maybe update the link in ROS platforms survey too?

Why is NUC computers not an option?

+1 for nuc, however from my knowledge I had to buy memory and storage separately as the nuc itself doesn’t come with it. The survey doesnt seem to have the options to provide specific details like that.


We use NUC computers for our UAVs and the reason is that we wanted a standard Intel platform running the same version of ROS as on our desktop computers. And OpenCV is said to work better with Intel. We often use the NUC computer without the enclosure.

All small computers in the survey seemed to be using ARM processors.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve added the NUC to the list.

Unfortunately I cannot resort the list as the results are associated with the slot not with the name.

Thank you to everyone for taking the time to fill up the survey. Below you will find the link with the results:
Results of the survey

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