ROS Quality Assurance Working Group August 2018 Meeting Notes

Sorry for the delay to publish August meeting minutes. I had a very busy month.


  1. Update on the quality dashboard and discuss the GUI proposed by André Santos

  2. Update from Matt Drotter on use rating solution for “Making ROS Quality Visible”.

  3. As a group, we discussed the details of code review implementation (i.e. How and What)


  1. Quality Dashboard:

    1. We discussed the GUI proposed by André Santos.

    2. The work that remains to do is to integrate the GUI to Haros and we seeking help in doing this work as André is busy and cannot complete the work in the next couple months.

  2. User rating:

    1. Matt Drotter investigated the possibility to extend ROS Wiki (using a macro). It seems not possible, as the Wiki is already loaded.
  3. Code Review:

    1. It has been suggested to pilot the idea in two repositories (i.e. Moveit and rviz)

    2. We need a Code Review Guide. I was tasked to compile the guide.

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