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ROS Rust WG Meeting: 2020-12-02

Hello rustaceans! :crab:

The next ROS Rust Working Group meeting will be: 2020-12-02T15:00:00Z

Same weekday and time as before. As mentioned, this meeting’s agenda will focus on colcon-cargo; improving support for Rust and cargo within current ROS2 build tools and colcon workspaces. Please familiarize yourself with these projects and related build tools and build systems:

For more background, you can checkout the docs on colcon, cargo and ament here:

Although the last link mentions cmake, the The ament index explained section is still relevant.


Please comment to suggest any item updates to the agenda.

  • colcon-cargo
    • Project Runthrough
    • Colcon build patterns for Rust?
    • Leveraging cargo workspaces?
    • Integrating ament index with cargo?
    • Accommodating end users?
  • Q/A with open discussion
  • Regular status updates
    • rclrs


As an update, the meeting minutes have been posted and can be reviewed here:

The video recording the meeting has been uploaded and can be viewed here:

Also, you can join the group via matrix chat at and subscribe to future ROS Rust WG announcements by changing your default notification level for the wg-rust tag.


Hey folks, I’ve updated the top post to link back to meeting notes and the video recording. Please check it out, and if I missed your name or user handel from the attendance, please feel free to add yourself via a suggested change comment; it’d be good to know your usernames.

For other still learning cargo, one thing I forgot to link to earlier is a recent cargo talk I found quite informative; the first quarter most likely already know, but the last half gets a bit more advanced and nitty gritty, such as combining examples with documentation that includes tests as well:

Also, here is the introduction repo referenced throughout the talk for those who learn via examples: