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CANCELED - Rust working group meeting 2021/10/04

It’s been some time since the last meeting, I’ve tentatively scheduled a meeting for
2021-10-04T14:00:00Z, hope to see you all there!

Edit: canceled to a health issue

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I should be there!

Do you know if anyone from the r2r project will be joining? It’d be good to synchronize our efforts! I’m always a little concerned about duplicating work…

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Yes, I can join the meeting.


Also, may I make a few requests about things to touch during the meeting?

The big ones (for me) are:

  • Synchronizing efforts/ideas for Colcon integration
  • Message generation
    • Do we use ROS 2’s message generator (like what ros2_rust currently does) or roll our own (like what I THINK r2r does, but don’t quote me on that). If the latter, my suggestion would be to look at nom for the parsing, and trying to implement something with serde for the serialization/deserialization, but not sure if that’s a feasable approach…
  • IDE integration
    • I currently use VSCode with rust-analyzer, which is one of the more popular language analyzers out there (Jet Brains’ IDE offerings being the other). However, due to the way ros2_rust currently integrates with Colcon, it’s very clunky to get accurate type/symbol information - You have to manually add each sub-package to the Cargo.toml as a dependency, but then remember to comment them out before building with Colcon. And I STILL haven’t figured out a way to get information on messages (like StdMsgs)…

Sorry for the short notice, but we’ll have to move the meeting to next week due to health issues (not COVID, fortunately). I’ve updated the calendar event.