ROS Session 1 - 2019

This session will comprise of :

  1. Introduction to Robotics.
  2. Introduction to ROS.
  3. ROS installation.
  4. ROS Essential commands.

Thanks for the update @Loveiswar. The session will take place at
Venue: UIET, Panjab University, Chandigarh, India.
Date : 18 October 2019 - onward
Time: 5 pm IST

It will be a continuous session throughout that we plan to take here . Any suggestions are welcome and also if anyone want to contribute to our initiative are most welcome.
Thanks and regards


Nice initiative guys! Any updates on the event? Do you have a blog post? May be something like this would be a “nice to have” on your website if you plan to do this regularly:

Maybe I am a bit late, but if I may give some feedback, could you also add a “Introduction to Linux and Python” session? It can be very short, but new users will find it very useful. Also, consider eliminating the “ROS installation” session in the future. The installation is well documented on the wiki and would consume precious time. You might find a better solution, but at Fraunhofer IPA we provide persistent live USB sticks with Ubuntu and ROS pre-installed.


For this point of time, we had already covered the basic installation of linux and python programming basics. And for using oir time more efficiently we had just made a git repo in which we post the script file and a basic installation instructions.
Here on the github repo and update it over time to make it more easy for all.
And for this point of time we post the update on the linkedin Page but it will be nice to have a blog page as you suggested.
Do you have the link of the image USB stick image that you had mentioned above.

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