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ROS Tooling Working Group Online Meeting 3 - Friday Nov 18 3:00PM PST (UTC-8)

The third meeting of the ROS Tooling Working Group will be at the end of this week.

We are experimenting with rotating times, this time meeting at 3PM PST, to accommodate more time zones. We will evaluate and continue iterating on scheduling as necessary.

Location: The link for the meeting is in the Google Groups invite - you can join that here!forum/ros2-working-groups-calendar-invites

Time: 2019-11-22T23:00:00Z2019-11-23T00:00:00Z

High Level Agenda:

  • @LucidOne will tell us about ROS installer tooling ROS Installer Tooling
  • Project status updates (cross compile, system metrics, github actions)
  • Board review and task allocation
  • WG Housekeeping (new repos/subprojects, governance model discussion, membership)

If you have anything you’d like to add to this or a future meeting’s agenda, please feel free to reach out.

More Information:

Ongoing context of the working group for new readers:

The objective of this working group will be to develop and maintain select ROS 2 tools. We define a tool to be: software supporting developer productivity or robot operation, outside of the robot middleware / ROS2 core.

This definition of tooling is broad and could cover many things. We are taking a work-centered approach. The Tooling WG will focus on the roadmap, contribution, maintenance, and ownership of adopted subprojects. WG-owned GitHub repositories for subprojects will live in the working group GitHub organization: ros-tooling .

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Thanks everybody who attended this Tooling WG meeting!

The minutes have been updated with the details from the meeting

The next meeting is planned for Friday, Dec 6 at 9am PST

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