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ROS2 Tooling WG Next Meeting

I’m going to experiment with opening one thread to use on an ongoing basis - we’ll see how it goes

Announcing the next meeting of the ROS Tooling Working Group

Time: Friday 2020-01-31T17:00:00Z2020-01-31T18:00:00Z

Location : The link for the meeting is kept up to date in the Google Groups invite - you can join that here!forum/ros2-working-groups-calendar-invites

Chime Meeting:
Or you can call in:
United States Toll-Free: +1 855-552-4463
Meeting ID: 1558 23 5226
One-click Mobile Dial-in (United States (1)): +1 206-462-5569,1558235226#
United States (1): +1 206-462-5569

Agenda :
See for ongoing notes

If you have anything you’d like to add to this or a future meeting’s agenda, please let us know.

More Information :

Context :
The objective of this working group will be to develop and maintain select ROS 2 tools. We define a tool to be: software supporting developer productivity or robot operation, outside of the middleware communications functionality. This definition remains intentionally broad until it needs to be narrowed.

The Tooling WG will focus on the roadmap, contribution, maintenance, and ownership of adopted subprojects. WG-owned GitHub repositories for subprojects will primarily live in the working group GitHub organization: ros-tooling .

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Unfortunately we don’t have a recording from Friday’s meeting due to technical difficulties.

Regardless, thanks to everyone for attending - those who weren’t there can see the minutes here

If anybody wants to show off anything tool-related at the next meeting, or has discussions they’d like to bring up, feel free to suggest items for Show and Tell (or message me directly), and suggest items to the “Other Discussions” section for the upcoming meeting.

The plan remains to have the next meeting on Feb 14 at 9am PST


Announcing the next meeting! Tomorrow!

Time : 2020-02-14T17:00:00Z2020-02-14T18:00:00Z

Location : The link for the meeting is kept up to date in the Google Groups invite - you can join that here!forum/ros2-working-groups-calendar-invites

Chime Meeting:
Or you can call in:
United States Toll-Free: +1 855-552-4463
Meeting PIN: 3344 03 0334
One-click Mobile Dial-in (United States (1)): +1 206-462-5569,3344030334#
United States (1): +1 206-462-5569

Agenda :
See for ongoing notes

  • Attendance
  • Last meeting action items review
  • Presentation: none this week
  • Project Status Update
    • Rosbag2
    • Cross Compile
    • System Metrics
    • Github Actions
  • Community PRs
  • Project board review

I’m seeing the chime link as invalid

Hello everyone! Update! Our usual chime bridge seems to be broken!

You can dial in here this week

Thanks everyone for attending today! Sorry about the mixup with the meeting link, looks like we got everyone in though.

Meeting Notes
Video Recording

I wanted to call out that we are now keeping a prioritized project board for the working group via ZenHub. Currently cross_compile and rosbag2 are well-groomed, we’re working towards getting everything in that state. We are trying to utilize the “Good First Issue” and “Help Wanted” labels - always appreciate contributed work, and the Backlog is the place to look for things to do, but at the very least this can inform viewers what our priorities are.

A quick overview

  • New Issues have not been triaged yet
  • Icebox is valid issues that we have no priority to work on
  • Backlog is a prioritized list of items that we plan to work on
  • In Progress - work ongoing, assigned to someone
  • Review - in code review

You can also view the board info in GitHub if you install the Chrome or Firefox browser extension for ZenHub

Cheers and see you all in 2 weeks, next meeting is 2020-02-28T17:00:00Z

Please note that the meeting today will again be at

Hi all, I’ve updated the calendar invite and original post in this thread with the proper chime link.

The meeting will happen as scheduled 2020-03-13T16:00:00Z

Beyond the regular agenda items, I’ll show the latest developments in the cross_compile tool, and we’ll review the design for QoS handling in rosbag2.

Thanks everyone for attending today, good discussions about CI, code quality, rosbag2 design, and the future of the cross compile tool. As always, you can find the notes here

There was no recording today, because I forgot to start it :confounded: - oh well, see you all again on March 27!

The meeting will happen as scheduled tomorrow morning at 9am PST. Cheers!

Thanks everyone for coming today!
Video Recording

Also I’d like to call out that I’ve made a Matrix chat room for the Working Group, if anybody is interested in that - so far it’s just me there, but hop in if you want to chat about the WG projects or direction
Matrix generic link
Riot link

Hello! Since this WG is all about tools, I thought this would be a good place to announce that I (and a few other people from Southwest Research Institute and DCS Corp) have been working on porting some of our commonly-used tools to ROS 2, and we’ve got a handful that are about ready for public use:

Mapviz, a tool for orthographic visualizations of ground-based robots
swri_console, a fast, streamlined rqt_console alternative
rqt_runtime_monitor, an rqt plugin for monitoring diagnostics
rqt_robot_monitor, which is still in progress, but is a tool for displaying aggregated diagnostics

We’d be glad to show them off at the Show & Tell section of the next WG meeting if people are interested, and feel free to let us know if there are any ROS 1 GUIs you’ve found useful that haven’t made their way into ROS 2 yet.


That’s awesome! We’d love to see them at the meeting.

I think also that as the Foxy release wraps up, we’ll want to take a step back as a working group and see what major projects / direction we should focus on for the next LTS (H-turtle I think?) I do think that GUIs / visualizers are potentially promising avenues to focus our efforts.

Note: I can no longer edit the original post - I’ve had to change the Chime meeting ID again. Tomorrow’s meeting will be happening as scheduled, now using the below information (we will always keep the calendar invite up to date as well)

Thanks everyone for dialing in today!
Video Recording

Special thanks to @preed for showing us his GUI tool ports today. The robot monitor certainly solves a

The next meeting will happen as scheduled on April 24.

As always, if you’d like to show off any tools or discuss anything in particular at the next meeting, its Agenda is prepared and open, ping me or add it to the document :slight_smile:


there is activity on github about ros2 topic statistics This could be discussed in this WG, I am interested in it and statistics could be categorized in tools? seems like AWS team has been working on it.


Hello @tomoyafujita! Yes, the AWS team is actively working on topic statistics for ROS 2. The system_metrics_collector repo is maintained by the tooling working group so if there is anything you’d like to discuss or ask about, we can do that in the next meeting. If you have any specific questions, feel free to open an issue in the repo.



awesome! i will look into that.


just a quick question, i see currently topic statistics being integrated into rclcpp, but i guess it is better to be integrated in rcl so that other client frontend such as rclpy can take advantage of statistics. do you have any plan to do that?

thanks for the effort!

We don’t have a plan to add topic statistics to rclpy at the moment. The supporting library for topic statistics - libstatistics_collector - is implemented in C++, so porting it to rcl in order to use it in rclpy will require some redesigning.

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