ROS wiki favicon?

Hello everyone,

Does anyone know what happened with the favicon of the ROS wiki page? I see a weird “M”(orena?) instead of the beloved dots.

Small screenshot of a costmap tab.

This looks like the MoinMoin favicon. I cannot reproduce it on my machine. Are you on the main ROS wiki or on one of the mirrors?

I am using the official wiki, but I don’t get it either on my other machine. I don’t know what’s going on…!

I found that there was still a default favicon in the Moin Moin environment that would appear for resources that didn’t declare the custom favicon path explicitly like most of the wiki pages. So if you loaded a resource directly you’d get the default favicon like this.


There’s a lot of browser caching on the favicon that makes it hard to debug. But I think it should be resolved now.

Oh, ok. Thanks for the info!