Ros2_control controller restart

Hi All, and thanks for the great work you put into this project. I have a question regarding restarting the controllers. In the previous ros_control, the controller manager was capable of restarting the controllers, see ros_control/controller_manager.cpp at 83a392bafa1ec01dc77ec2a592f3b74a783f3faa · ros-controls/ros_control · GitHub.

So if the hardware signals the SystemInterface it was restarted, how would one reload/reset the controllers, ie how would the ControllerManager be notified? Is there a simple way to achieve this?

Would this be done with a service call to ControllerManager::reload_controller_libraries_service_cb


This question is more appropriate for the ROS Answers or issues on ros2_control than here. To not write twice the explanation, please check PR on documentation update for ControllerManager. Please give us feedback if it is now more understandable.



hi @destogl and thanks for coming back so quickly. I initially added this as an issue to ros2_control, see Controller restart · Issue #674 · ros-controls/ros2_control · GitHub, but in general I am a bit confused to find the appropriate channel. So thank you for clarifying.

I’ll check out the documentation, and provide feedback. Thank you very much for the hint.

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I see now, but you closed the issue so fast that we weren’t able to react to it.

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indeed, I closed it because I didn’t really consider it an issue, as services are in place, and in the past I was sent to forums from the issue tracker. Should this issue be re-opened and linked to your PR?

No, it’s OK. For such questions, ROS Answers is the best place.

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