Ros2_documentation provides html artifacts via github action

Hi ROS developers and maintainers,

Just a quick announcement for documentation development.

Now ros2_documentation provides html artifacts via github action for every commit of Pull Request.

Click on html-artifacts to download html files built with incoming changes.

What was the problem?

It is kinda burden for developers and maintainers to build the html from incoming PR to make sure how it looks like during review process. besides, this happens several times for each PR…


Using github action artifacts to upload the html files in every commit. So that we can see html files with incoming changes only with downloading.

What’s in it for us?

for developers, they can see the html artifacts built with proposed PR to verify.
for maintainers, it makes easier to check how the final html files look like with downloading the artifacts.

Originally issued: prebuilt html artifacts can help the review for each PR? · Issue #4543 · ros2/ros2_documentation · GitHub

always welcome further improvement and ideas, please share your thoughts.