ROS2 Intel Movidius NCS Release - Initial Version(V0.3.0)

Hi all,

We released ROS Intel Movidius NCS package several months ago and received much feedback from community. Now, we are happy to announce the initial release(v0.3.0) of ROS2 Intel Movidius NCS package. This package is derived from ROS Intel Movidius NCS package and provides the following features for ROS2 with powerful Intel Movidius Neural Computing Stick:
• A service for CNN-based object classification and detection of a static image file
• A publisher for CNN-based object classification and detection of a video stream from a RGB camera
• Demo applications to show the capabilities of ROS service and publisher
• Support multiple CNN models of Caffe and Tensorflow, including

  • CNN models for object classification
    • AlexNet
    • GoogleNet
    • SqueezeNet
    • Inception_V1/V2/V3/V4
    • MobileNet
  • CNN models for object detection
    • MobileNet_SSD
    • TinyYolo_V1

This project has been open sourced in github: Please refer to README file for more details about this project. We have tested it on RealSense D400 series camera and Astra camera. More features, such as multiple NCS devices support, are under development and will be included in next release. Stay tuned. Welcome feedback and participation.


Hi @xhuan28
Really nice work and it is great to see more and more packages support ROS2!
I am excited to try this with realsense through ROS2 version driver.