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ROS2 multi-robot application life-cycle management with Eclipse fog05

Hi folks,

I’m Gabriele, current project lead for Eclipse fog05.
Eclipse fog05 is an Open-Source project under the umbrella of the Eclipse Edge Native working group that aims at enabling Life Cycle Management (LCM) of Applications in the distributed Edge and Fog environment, thus robotics is one of the most interesting use-cases.
It has a plugin-based design so it can really be used to manage different kinds of applications (from VMs, Containers, to binaries)

We have implemented the support for ROS2 applications to be deployed and managed by fog05, enabling easy deployment and LCM for multi-robot applications.
We also provide isolation for the ROS2 applications deployed on the robot by the means of Linux Namespaces and we create overlay networks to make the robot-to-robot and robot-to-cloud communication possible.

Here you can find the ROS2 Plugin: GitHub - eclipse-fog05/fog05-hypervisor-ros2: FDU plugin for Robotic Operating System 2
Any feedback is more than welcome!

For your information, we have tested it with a TurtleBot3 using a “complex” End-to-End (Cloud-to-Robot-to-Cloud) teleoperation.

You can also find an example descriptor for that kind of application here: fog05/entity-tb3-teleop.yaml at master · eclipse-fog05/fog05 · GitHub