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ROS2 Navigation WG - Thursday 3:00 pm Pacific (GMT-7:00)

Updated for meeting on 2/7.

See you again this week, same bat time, same bat channel!

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Meeting again today, 2/14, 2pm Pacific.


  • Crystal development branch and sync release
  • World Model Design
  • Lifecycle Node status

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Meeting this Thursday 2/28, 2pm Pacific.

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Meeting notes from today, 3/7/19

That link redirects to, and results in DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN.

OK, well I tried the Google Docs “Publish to web” which I guess didn’t work. Sorry. I had thought that would work. I won’t try that again… :roll_eyes:

Here they are.

3/7/19 - ROS2 Navigation WG Notes

Nav2 usage examples / tutorials needed

  • Bringup on your robot
    • Similar to ROS1 Navigation tutorials
    • Also see Nav section of the book Quigley, Gerkey, et al
    • Create page link from main README
  • Steve - PDF Navigation tuning guide
  • Look to use GH Pages
  • Carl will look at what OSRF is using for main ROS2 tutorials

Nav2 Dashing Roadmap -

  • Need to update each line with relevant issues & PRs

  • Add “Help Wanted” where needed

Real-time support

  • ROS2 deadlines, liveliness

  • Meeting held yesterday, decision made to focus on Topics first, then Services and Actions later

    • Look for issue above to be updated
  • Mike Jeronimo also working on some proposed enhancements to ROS2 rates and timers for monitoring if they’re meeting deadlines

Linux Foundation RT kernel - full RT support will be available this Summer

  • PREEMPT_RT will be “built in” and can be turned on / tuned on system without rebuilding

Safety certified Linux - Eliza project?

  • Geoff will look for a link to send out

They have significant industry backing and apparently a very large budget to work with.

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Due to resource limitations, we’re not directly involved in the nav. stack @mkhansen however we’re very interested on getting some alignment here, specially with regard our ongoing work on MoveIt! 2.

+1 to the ELISA project, we recently joined the initiative and seems to be rather well oriented.


Ive been talking with @davetcoleman semi-regularly regarding our Nav2 work, and he attended the WG yesterday. I’m glad to hear about the MoveIt! 2 project happening too. Let me know what alignment you’re looking for, and I’m happy to collaborate.

Update, due to Daylight Saving time in the US, we’re pushing back the WG to 3pm to allow for participants in the Asian continent.

We’re meeting today 3/21 at 3pm Pacific.

No meeting this week (3/28/19) - I’m on family vacation

Here are the notes from last weeks meeting. Navigation 2 WG 3/21/19

Jacob Perron
Steve M
Devin Bonnie
Emerson Knapp


LifecycleHelper Class - Issue #654 (Mike Jeronimo)

  • Will this work for Actions?

  • Jacob will follow up with Karsten & comment in issue

Nav2 RViz plugins

  • LIfecycle control (Startup and shutdown)
  • Loop time monitoring

Lifecycle implementation PR #1 -

  • Up for review, requesting feedback

Random Crawl - (Mohammad H)

  • Robot will move randomly without hitting obstacles
  • Can be used to test AMCL, by checking location vs. Gazebo
  • Can also be used to “explore” a map for SLAM
  • Could be used for auto-localization
  • Only relies on Keras and Tensorflow, not using OpenAI
  • Not released yet, WIP

Pose Persistence - (Carl)

  • In ROS, AMCL saved pose to parameter server
  • In ROS2, no parameter server, how can we save?
    • Is this a more general issue?
      • Pose, trajectory, map?

PR change for QOS settings -

Opens - None

All - calling for topics for Nav2 WG meeting tomorrow 4/25

Meeting notes:
Navigation 2 WG 4/25/19

Mike J
Steve M
Geoff B
Chris B

Lifecycle staging - see multiple PRs in review right now

Parameters change upstream broke master branch, need to fix build and test

Parameters discussion

  • can we add metadata to enumerate the lifecycle state a parameter can be changed in.
  • Need to review this PR and provide feedback:
  • Authentication for parameters - would need to talk to security WG about this

Actions API change is coming -

Architecture diagram - Mike J. to present next week

FYI, changes to the action client API are merged to master now. You can find a new example here.

In case it affects the navigation team, yet another small change to the action API adding a response code to the cancel service response:

All, here is the diagram that @mjeronimo presented last week which shows the high-level overview of the architecture with lifecycle nodes and the lifecycle manager.

I’m cancelling this week’s meeting due to travel.

I’d also like to do a ‘call for topics’ for upcoming meetings. If there are items you want to discuss, please post them here. Also, as usual, if you want to be added to the meeting invite, message me through the discourse messaging app and include the email address you want added to the invite.


Thanks for providing that diagram, and sorry I couldn’t be there for the explanation. It was 10 days of enforced holidays. I did intend to participate but ended up sleeping through my alarm.

Looking at the diagram, unfortunately there are aspects that I can’t understand without that explanation. Was a recording of the meeting made?

Sorry, no I didn’t think to record the meeting. Would you mind opening an issue in the repo to make sure we address your questions in the documentation? We can also discuss this week in the meeting.

No meeting today (5/23/19), we’re swamped trying to hit the Dashing release deadline next week. I’ll send a cancellation to those on the Google Calendar invite.

This is a call for topics for this week’s Nav2 WG - please reply below if you have topics you want to discuss!