ROS2 on VxWorks BoF session at ROSCon2022

Hi all,

For those interested in learning more about ROS2 on VxWorks project, that provides a build environment to automate building ROS2 with a VxWorks SDK.
VxWorks is a deterministic, priority-based preemptive real-time operating system with low latency and minimal jitter.
We’ll talk about what is VxWorks, VxWorks SDK, and how to use the latest ROS2 humble release on VxWorks.
Please join a Birds of a Feather session at ROSCon 2022 happening on Day 2 during Lunch (1320-1350 JST). We’ll meet at “Humble” which is 1F near the Main Hall, see ROSCon 2022 for the map and ROSCon2022BOFs schedule.

See you at ROSCon 2022!

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