ROS2 Remote Warehouse Real Robot Lab for Industrial Training

The Construct Announces ROS2 Remote Warehouse Real Robot Lab

Dear ROS developers,

The Construct, in collaboration with Robotnik, announces the launch of a ROS2 Remote Warehouse Real Robot Lab on November 16, 2021. The Remote Warehouse Real Robot Lab is where you can remotely connect and practice with industrial robots, using both ROS1 and ROS2.

The Remote Warehouse Real Robot Lab is designed for engineers who want to be up to date on the latest ROS skills and researchers who need to learn ROS skills fast. It’s also for company leaders who want to understand the latest technologies in robotics.

Rather than video lessons, The Construct focuses on providing hands-on learning and practice with simulated robots. The introduction of the Remote Warehouse Real Robot Lab is an additional opportunity for learning robot programming by practicing remotely with real industrial collaborative robots. We are excited to enable the next evolution of ROS online learning.

There are two robots in the lab:

  • RB-1 BASE by Robotnik. Students can use RB-1 BASE to practice autonomous navigation; carrying cargo from one place to another; and recognizing environments, like tags, people, or objects.
  • UR3e - a collaborative robotic arm with a gripper and a point-cloud camera for perception. Students can use it to practice manipulation, object detection, pick & place objects, and more.

Right now, the Remote Warehouse Real Robot Lab is open to all The Construct’s Enterprise users. To learn more, go to

About The Construct
The Construct is an online platform designed to learn and teach robotics. From entry-level to advanced, The Construct meets all your needs on your path to becoming a robotics & ROS developer. Learn more at

About Robotnik
Robotnik Automation SLL is a company that specializes in robot product development and robotics R&D projects. Robotnik is focused on the development and manufacture of robots and autonomous mobile manipulators. Learn more at


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