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ROS2 & ROS-Industrial Trainings at Fraunhofer IPA on 19-21 February 2020 (new curriculum)

Dear ROS community,

after successfully conducting 5 ROS-Industrial trainings in 2019 at Fraunhofer IPA, we are introducing a new curriculum based on ROS2 starting 2020.

Here is a quick glance at agenda for the training:

Day 1
• ROS 2 Introduction
  Whats is ROS 2, the difference with ROS 1, Why use ROS 2 ?
• ROS 2 basics
  ROS 2 Concepts, Nodes, Intraprocess Communication, Messages.
  ROS 2 File System  
  ROS 2 From Terminal

Day 2
• ROS 2 Higher level modules
  Robot Architecture
  TF2 in ROS2
  Navigation 2
  Best practices
  Introduction to Security

Day 3
• Application
  Design a robot application using ROS2

You can now register for our ROS2 & ROS-Industrial Training to be held from 19-21 February 2020:

If you are a ROS-Industrial Consortium member, please contact us with regards to your free seat(s).

For any further questions, please feel free to contact me or my colleagues @ipa-led and @ThiloZimmermann.

Hope to see you soon in Stuttgart, Germany.


I really enjoyed the Spring Workshop last year at Fraunhofer IPA ^^. Not only the ROS2 related talks and workshops, but also the beer and burgers in the evening and the nice tour showing the history of Fraunhofer IPA we got the final day :slight_smile: . Can recommend!


Unfortunately, I cannot make it to Germany.
Is there any way to access the content of these workshops online?

This course is - by design - a hands-on training with at least two trainers and physical hardware on site.

If you want to run an online course, I can recommend you this excellent MOOC by our colleagues of TU Delft:

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Ros2 update is a great improvement and a step ahead, the trainers know what they are doing and are good at teaching. Go there with some prior experience and you won’t regret it I learned a lot during my participation.