Join the ROS2 Learning Week 2023!

Hi ROS community,

We will be hosting another ROS2 Learning Week from 2023-06-25T22:00:00Z→2023-06-29T22:00:00Z. This week-long learning experience is tailored for absolute beginners who want to delve into ROS2.

:calendar: Dates: 2023-06-25T22:00:00Z→2023-06-29T22:00:00Z
:watch: Time: 6pm CEST daily
:heavy_dollar_sign: Cost: Absolutely FREE!
:link: Registration:


  • Day 1 (June 26th): Basic Linux Concepts for ROS2 Programming
  • Day 2 (June 27th): Essential Python3 Programming Skills for ROS2 Programs
  • Day 3 (June 28th): Understanding ROS2 Fundamentals: how to create and compile packages, what are launch files, ROS2 nodes, etc.
  • Day 4 (June 29th): Exploring ROS2 Topics - the cornerstone of any ROS2 program.
  • Day 5 (June 30th): Applying Your Knowledge: Engage in a hands-on ROS2 project using a simulated robot.

Mark your calendar! Classes will begin at 6pm CEST every day, allowing you to easily plan and attend these live sessions.

What to expect:

:movie_camera: Live Classes:
Engage in live classes led by experienced ROS instructor – Alberto Ezquerro, who will guide you through each step of your ROS2 learning journey. Interact, ask questions, and learn in real-time.

:desktop_computer: Hands-on Practice:
Experience the thrill of working with simulated robots on The Construct throughout the entire week. No need to worry about installations or hardware limitations – dive right into the action.

:mortar_board: No Prior Knowledge Required:
Even if you have zero knowledge of ROS1, Linux, or Python, fear not! This learning week is designed for 100% ROS2 beginners.

:raised_hands: Be an Active Practitioner:
This isn’t a passive listening experience. Get ready to learn by doing! Come with an open mind, an eagerness to learn, and a commitment to actively participate in practical exercises.

:link: Registration:
Save the date, mark your calendar, and get ready to conquer ROS2:)


Can we join it online?

Yes, this is an online open class, you just need to register here:

ROS2 Learning Week live streaming is in action! Join us now at :point_right: