ROSCon 2018 Informal Meetings of Special Interest Groups

Summary from the ROSCon cross-compilation Meetup:

Current issues faced by users cross compiling ROS 2:

  • lack of Python or third party library support in the instructions currently hosted on the ros2-for-arm organization.

  • lack of instructions + sysroot for Android compilation makes it hard to compile high level packages and demos


  • Provide a single place for aggregating cross-compilation instructions

  • Community members can modify the content to add instructions for their platform/architecture.

  • Community members will also be in charge of testing / updating the instructions they provided if necessary.

  • Possible location: a page on the ros2 wiki with section for each platform/architecture.

  • Leveraging existing toolchains and infrastructure (@esteve suggested polly) could reduce maintenance effort and provide better experience for users.

  • contributors can elect to provide a sysroot to allow installing and linking against target libraries more easily.

I unfortunately don’t have the full list of attendees, @nuclearsandwich @wjwwood @filipe.rinaldi @pokitoz @lmayencourt feel free to add missing information or @ attending participants I didn’t tag above.