ROS News for the Week of September 25th, 2023

ROS News for the Week of September 25th, 2023

IROS 2023 is in Detroit next week! We’ve got a couple of events planned! If you plan on attending we would love it if you swung by!


ROSCon JP and ROSCon Madrid were both this week! We want to congratulate both teams for putting together successful events! Videos of both events should be posted in the next few weeks.

The :gazebo: Gazbeo Harmonic release happens next week! We put together a demo of all the cool new features that’s worth checking out. If you want to show your Gazebo pride consider picking up some swag.

:clap: ROSCon :clap: 2023 :clap: regular :clap: registration :clap: ends :clap: on :clap: Sunday! :clap:
Get your tickets now before we run out. If you are attending consider submitting a ROSCon Birds of a Feather session. :baby_chick:

We’ve got big plans for ROS 2 Jazzy Jalisco, including a whole new ROS Middleware implementation. If you want to learn more, check out our ROS 2 RWM Alternate report.





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