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ROSCon 2019 Birds of a Feather (BOF) Sessions

ROSCon is fast approaching. One of the best parts of any conference is the hallway track; where like minded individuals can meet and chat about their favorite topics. If you would like to host a birds of a feather session during ROSCon please post it here. The best times to have these sessions is during lunch, during the breaks, and after the conference. You can find the full schedule for ROSCon here.

If you would like to orchestrate a BOF session please list the following:

  • A time you want to meet.
  • A topic you want to discuss.
  • A rough location or a way to find you (twitter, a weird hat you’ll wear, or an online profile so people know what you look like). There is an ad hoc meeting space located in Loulan 4105. Use of the space will be casual and is first come, first served. As well corners of hallways and the reception areas can also be utilized.

If you see a session you would like to attend please let the organizer know.


@mjcarroll and I have been discussing a chat on the future of ros-perception (perception_pcl, image_pipeline, vision_opencv, slams, etc) and a potential formation of a perception working group.


Lets do Day 2 lunch, find me – should be easy the only person with a sling on their arm.

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I would like to discuss robotics system integration and fleet management for ros application with certain use-cases. this is not really exactly about ROS core technical perspective, but more importantly for users how to manage the robots in their use cases. not sure if anyone interested in this topic, but if there is, we would like to share opinions.

Day#2 during lunch would be nice to me. (but can be flexible)
if anyone intereseted on this topic, please try to reach out via linkedin (Sony, Tomoya Fujita) !!!

:fire: Gazebo / Ignition meetup

:clock330: When:

Thursday October 31st (Day 1) @ 15:30 coffee break

:world_map: Where:

Loulan 4105

:mag: How to find us:

We’ll try to have a sign on the table, and you should be able to spot members of Open Robotics’ simulation team.