ROSCon recordings on vimeo require login

Just went to Vimeo to rewatch an old presentation and I was asked to log in.

It could be that’s because the recordings are unrated, and the default Vimeo approach is to assume-the-worst :slight_smile: .

See here for the opening remarks of ROSCon 2014 for instance.

Could the account holder rate the videos?

Yeah, there’s a bunch of them from before the rating system was fully developed. We can try to get to that but bulk rating so far hasn’t been easy.

Using a private browser window I get a popover prompt to login, but it’s dismissable and I can watch the video without logging in. I just clicked the little X and am able to watch.

Do you get something different?

I don’t seem to have an option to dismiss the login prompt.

There is a large “Video is not rated. Log in to watch.” modal black box at the top of the page, and that’s it.

Perhaps it depends on region/country.

(I also don’t seem to be allowed to attach screenshots/images to my post here for some reason: “Sorry, there was an error uploading that file. Please try again.”)

Yeah it seems to be UK and EU are blocked from unrated content. Content ratings – Help Center

If you don’t rate your public videos, viewers in some countries (specifically in the UK and EU) will need to log into a Vimeo account to watch those videos per local regulations.

I’ve manually triaged 2013 and 2014. Hopefully that’s getting coverage. A sampling of 2015 shows them as already rated.

I’ve heard several reports of this. So far they have all been due to an adblocker type privacy filter blocking resources that the uploader javascript required.

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