ROSCon Videos are not available on YouTube

As everyone knows that ROSCon Videos are uploaded to vimeo. Their visibility is very low.
In my opinion, these videos must be uploaded to YouTube to help the ROS users.
YouTube will give these videos definitely more visibility.



I agree. What is the rationale behind using vimeo?

We do have a plan to start using YouTube more, for discoverability reasons. However we consider Vimeo to be the archive version because we pay Vimeo for the service and so know that Vimeo won’t unilaterally delete our videos or shutdown our account just because some automated system flagged a possible DMCA violation.


Just to add a bit more to what Geoff said. It is on our ToDo list, underneath a whole lot of other important tasks (like moving ROS Answers to Stack Overflow, planning ROSCon, and moderating ROS Discourse).

To make the videos available on YouTube we need to write a script that slurps the videos and metadata off of Vimeo, sorts out just the ROSCon talk videos, and then correctly pushes the results and metadata up to YouTube. To give you a sense of the scale, I just checked Vimeo and it is well over a terabyte of data spread across close to a thousand videos. It isn’t a small job. There are also a lot of setup tasks that we need to do to create and organize a satisfactory YouTube channel for The Foundation, and some ancillary tasks that we would like to do along the way.

I will talk to the ROSCon organizing committee about potentially posting the videos on a “go forward” basis after ROSCon 2023, but no promises. In the mean time there is an official Gazebo YouTube Channel and all of the videos are easily accessible on the ROSCon website. If you are trying to find a particular video a little Google dorking can get you fairly decent results.

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you dont have to put all the current videos up. i’m sure there are a lot of irrelevant ones now.

We chose Vimeo in ~2013 for OSRF videos because paid Vimeo accounts don’t get ads served alongside. Maybe that’s possible with YouTube now but it wasn’t at the time.

I know that I’m a dinosaur but are videos hosted outside of YouTube really not discoverable? Does the planet have effectively a single working video hosting service?

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there are ways to signify that a youtube vid doesnt show ads I believe.

And… yes. effectivelyi there is only a single fully working planetary video service now :slight_smile:

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There is Open Robotics Vimeo channel ? Awesome!

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