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ROSCon Update

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to give a quick update about ROSCon 2021 in New Orleans.

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Allow me to ask a logistics question (If I should open a new thread I’m happy to do so though).

Is there a plan for child care? And if so, when do we get to know that there will be one?

Can’t speak for other people but at my work we’re finalizing who should go to the conference and to me child care is a blocker. If childcare recommendation / service is provided that’ll be very helpful to make plans early.

(Looks like with the past few occurrences there has been on-site service arrangement made (2018, 2019), which is far more helpful than having to find a service by oneself in an unfamiliar location…Great!)

Update: Called Hyatt Regency New Orleans but they don’t have any service nor recommendation (said under pandemic).

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We’ve updated the website with a reference to a local childcare option for you to consider. It’s under the Attend section:

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