Rosjava_extras into a metapackage?

Hi all!
I’m trying out the new Discourse site and I would like to ask your opinion on a particular subject.

I’m working on a pull request to include the version of actionlib for rosjava that I wrote into the rosjava_extras repository and I was thinking if it wouldn’t be better to convert that repository into a metapackage. Each contributed library will be included as a stand-alone package. This has some advantages:

  • It’s easier to include a new package
  • The dependencies are separated and more clear to follow
  • Each library can have it’s own independent version number

Currently there is only a Hokuyo library so I guess this problem wasn’t so evident.
I would like to hear opinions.

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The rosjava repositories are already using gradle to handle projects and subprojects in exactly the same way as catkin does it for c++ and python repositories.

When catkinising rosjava, my first naive thought was just to do it the catkin way because that is the way I’m used to. That has two problems - it gets complicated because rosjava isn’t using cmake/catkin directly and also…it’s not the java way. For me it might be easy to follow, but for java coders it is something new/extra they have to learn. We reasoned it was better to let java people do things the java way as much as possible.