ROSject of the week: the Fetch It! Challenge simulation and control

Hello ROS Developers,
this week we want to share the rosject we have created for the great competition organized by Fetch Robotics: the Fetch It! Challenge.

Here you have a rosject with the full system ready to participate without having to install anything in your computer, everything running on the cloud, and for free:

This rosject will allow you to:

  • Start with the full environment set up, everything ready to work from minute 1, only waiting for your intelligent algorithms that will beat the competition
  • It is git synchronized, so you will be able to do a simple git pull to get any update done to the simulation, correction of bugs, additional capabilities, etc
  • Easily change between the execution of your code in the simulation and in the real robot. With two clicks you can switch in which system you want to execute your code.
  • Use extra cloud computers to speed your development. Here a video showing the performance differences between our different cloud computer configurations.

As always, you can download all that code into your local machine at anytime, loosing though, the cloud capabilities.

Any questions, suggestions or doubts?