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Roslisp porting to ROS2

Anyone working on porting roslisp to ROS2? If not, our team at Persistent System is ready to put the effort in porting roslisp to ROS2. Please let us know if anyone has any concern or any vital information that we will help us in this porting effort. If anyone has already started already working on porting roslisp, Please let us know if you will be interested to obtain our assistance in the porting effort.
@airballking, I see that you are the maintainer of this package in ROS, hence I’m tagging you here in this post.

As none has responded, I’m assuming none is working on porting this package to ROS2 at this time. If so, Our team at Persistent will work on porting this package very soon.

@prasenjitdan Sorry for the late response and thank you for offering to port roslisp to ROS2! We are currently not working on porting roslisp to ROS2. What do you think?

Actually, I am surprised about your request. Why do you want to port roslisp to ROS2? We are using it in our research quite a lot, but are not clear on how to port it to ROS2. Does your team have experience with SBCL? How do you plan to approach the port?

Also, @dirk-thomas is a port of roslisp needed for ROS2?

Since roslisp is a client library rather than a bunch of nodes, it will need to be rewritten for ROS2 rather than just ported. Theoretically, it should be easier because “all” that is needed is wrapping rcl.

I think being able to write ROS2 code in lisp would be as welcome as it is in ROS1. :slight_smile:

@gbiggs Thanks for the quick answers. I have not yet looked into rcl. Wrapping would be the preferred way, for sure. Is rcl and its API stable enough to do this for other client libraries, yet?

To clarify: My other question was intended to mean: Is roslisp on any dependency-path of ROS2? I hope not, but wanted to be sure.

Several additional client libraries that wrap rcl have already been produced, such as for C# and Rust.