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Safety Critical WG meeting #20191010

Minutes for the Safety Critical WG’s meeting on 2019/10/10.


  • Geoffrey Biggs
  • Shawn Schaerer

Minutes Geoffrey Biggs


  • A GitHub repository for the working group has been created
  • The plan for this repository is to use it to host information about best practices for using ROS in safety critical robots.
    • Use its wiki to host information in a viewable format
    • Mirror the wiki to the repository so that contributions can be made via PRs that can be discussed; the wiki itself will be locked from direct editing.
  • Initial content for the wiki will likely be how to construct common patterns for redundancy and availability in ROS.

This can be automated: Enabling pull requests on GitHub wikis.

That’s the plan! I’ve done that in the past for the old Autoware repository/wiki, and it works really well.