Safety Critical WG 2022 Roadmap: Safety Education

The Safety Critical WG has two topics that we will be working on in 2022.

  1. Is around quality (there will be a separate post providing full details)
  2. Is safety education.

Regarding safety education the plan that was discussed at today’s meeting is to propose a very simple scenario and develop the safety case around it. We would walk through the entire workflow of what is needed including generating requirements and how to pick the right standard. This would not be exhaustive but it would provide an overview and basic framework on how, why and what is needed to develop a safety critical system.

The scenario would be around a simple use case of an existing system that a most of the ROS community is familiar with. Given that, we are looking at starting with the turtlebot and we will come up with very simple use case / application that we would argue that safety is required.

This is still very early in the planning stage and we welcome any feedback and requirements / ideas that you would like to see as we push this forward.

We will be using the safety working group’s GitHub(GitHub - ros-safety/safety_working_group: ROS safety working group repository) to develop and document the work. The end goal will be to have a documentation set similar to what Nav2 and Moveit has but geared towards ROS and safety.



Hi, I want to participate. Do you have regular calls around safety-critical systems? I tried to connect via this link, but sadly it is dead.



Take a look at this page for how to participate in the safety working group.

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