Safety Working Group survey on ROS 2 Safety

The Safety Working Group has put together a survey about safety in ROS 2.
We are gathering feedback from the community on various safety topics with the goal of focusing the work of the Safety Working Group in 2022.

If you are interested in functional safety in robotics and ROS 2, please take the time to fill out the survey and help shape the direction of the group.

No personal information will be collected and we will be sharing the results with the community after the results have been processed


Poll closes on the 15th of January.
Please take the time to fill in the survey. From the initial response I can see that safety is really important to the ROS community and I would like to get as many responses as possible to help focus the Safety Critical WG in 2022.

Happy New Year!

I’m bumping this post for visibility. Please take a moment and fill out the survey.

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Survey closes on the 15th at 5PM EST.
Please take the time to fill it in if you are interested in using ROS in safety critical applications.

Thank you

Thank you to all who participated in the survey. The survey is now closed, and we are processing the data. We will be discussing the results in the next Safety Working Group meeting, happening on 2022-02-02T14:00:00Z. Please join if you are interested. If you can’t make the meeting, the results will also be posted to Discourse afterwards.


I hope you’re all well. Apologies for the short notice, but I’d like to alert you to an upcoming Open Standards Workshop on Feb. 9th from 10-12 CET.

This workshop is part of a series of monthly meetings between ADRA members (AI, Data and euRobotics) and the European Commission, focusing on different topics related to standardization and safety and safety regulation.

The upcoming workshop is going to focus on the topic of “Standardization in Safety and Performance Testing”.

Below are more details for those interested, as well as a link to join (no registration required).

Workshop Series “Standards open Forum - AI, Data and Robotics”

These are monthly workshops to foster exchange between the European Commission and the AI, Data and Robotics communities on the topic of standardization, organized by members of ADRA including BDVA and euRobotics.

Special Workshop (Feb. 9th from 10—12 CET): Safety vs Performance in Robots (requirements, evaluation, regulation)

Workshop motivation: The current situation whereby robot manufacturers can declare their robots as incomplete machines will be changed in the upcoming Machinery Regulation. In the new situation, robot manufacturers will be required to provide more evidence that the safety of their product has been validated. As this could be an unsurmountable barrier for the EU’s scene of robotics manufacturers (which consists mostly of SMEs), the EC is interested in knowing what kind of research is needed in order to provide more guidance and support to the SME robotics manufacturers on how to validate their robot systems and better design their funding programmes around these real needs . This includes evaluations of cybersecurity aspects (cyberthreats should be considered as foreseeable misuse within the risk analysis), what physical dimensions to measure, when a measurement is meaningful, and how to execute it.

Here’s additional information about the EC’s recently updated standardization strategy (Press corner | European Commission), to put this activity more into context.

Tentative agenda:

  1. Mikhail Simonov - 20 minutes – Introduction to upcoming changes and motivation for workshop
  2. Jan Veneman - small company healthcare perspective - Medical Device Regulations (MDR) - experience from a robotic company - 10 min
  3. Cybersecurity challenges and needs for robotics (TBD, ideally from euRobotics Cybersecurity Topic Group)) - 10 minutes
  4. Fraunhofer IFF (José or Dr. Roland Behrens) – current status on Validation measurements and outlook on needs - 10 minutes
  5. Rigo Wenning - Data perspective - 10 min
  6. Keshav Chintamani (Tractonomy) - SME robotics manufacturer from industrial domain using ROS – needs and challenges for safety validation - 10 minutes
  7. speaker from industrial robotics perspective (either safety component manufacturer or system integrator) upcoming safety validation challenges (TBD) – 10 min
  8. Discussion (30-40 min) – where are individual challenges, what’s available, what needs to be funded / to be done?

Microsoft Teams meeting

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Click here to join the meeting

Learn More | Meeting options

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@Paulinho1 I’d be interested in participating on this and share my experiences so far (refer to recent research results)