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Sciurus17 - A 17-DOF upper body humanoid robot running on ROS Noetic

Hi everyone.
We are pleased to announce that Sciurus17, RT Corporation’s upper body humanoid robot, is now available for ROS Noetic.

Sciurus17 is a lightweight (6kg) 17-DOF robot that can recognize objects using cameras on its chest and head. It is also capable of grasping objects with the grippers on both arms.
The ROS package also supports Gazebo. Thus, you can experiment with the sample programs on your PC.


RT Corporation also sells 7-DOF arm robot CRANE-X7, 4-DOF arm robot CRANE+V2, and mobile robots Raspberry Pi Mouse and Jetson Nano Mouse.
If you are interested, please visit our GitHub repository !

Sciurus17 · GitHub
CRANE-X7 · GitHub
CRANE+V2 (ROS 2) · GitHub
Raspberry Pi Mouse (ROS 1) · GitHub
Raspberry Pi Mouse (ROS 2) · GitHub
Jetson Nano Mouse · GitHub


That’s great news @ShotaAk!

In case anyone else was wondering, the cost is 3,300,000 yen or $29K (USD)

Thanks @Osilva @DLu !

Here is the URL of the product page.
Sciurus17 - RT Corporation (written in Japanese):
Sciurus17 - RT Corporation (Google Translated):

Do you have a link to a distributor for Rpi mouse in North America?

Raspberry Pi Mouse and other RT products can be purchased from our web shop.


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  • Batteries that are not built in cannot be shipped overseas.