Seeking Full-Time Role or Internship after Autonomous Systems MSc

Hi there!

I’m about to wrap up my master’s degree this February and I’m excited to dive into a new adventure. My background is in areas of perception, computer vision, state estimation, optimization, and machine learning, thanks to both my academic journey and hands-on industry experience. My current thesis work is focused on UAV localization in GNSS denied offshore environments relative to a moving surface vessel. This involves leveraging a camera, IMU, and barometer for state estimation in challenging conditions. I’m pretty comfortable with C++, Python and ROS2, and have been crafting software for 5+ years now, with the last 3 years focused specifically on robotics.

If my profile sounds of any interest to you, please reach out to learn more simutisernestas at I’m open for internships or full-time positions, and I’m willing to relocate anywhere in the world although I’m currently based in Denmark.