SiK Telemetry Radio Link and ROS

Hello there,

I have an onboard computer on my drone. Currently it communicates with the GCS through a 4G modem using MQTT and a custom arquitecture of microservices on air, but I wanted to expand it to be capable of communicating through a radio link for areas where 4G is not present.

I have looked into the SiK telemetry radios for this reason, and ordered one to try and test if the communications will be reliable enough to use safely. Anyone has had similar experiences?

I never used a serial RF link such as this, so I don’t know what to expect. I saw that these particular radios are optimized for use with mavlink packets. Should I stick to mavlink and translate my custom packets into mavlink packets? Or maybe should I just send my raw binary packets?

I am also trying to switch my custom architecture to using ROS, which shouldn’t be difficult since the architecture is similar to the way ROS nodes work. I am still discovering all that ROS has to offer, so if the answer is to use mavlink, should I send it through mavros pointing to the serial port? Or just use rosserial and its serialized protocol to communicate between the devices?

Thanks a lot for your answers and happy new year!

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