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Silicon Valley ROS group - come on out!

Hi everyone! I wanted to highlight a recurring group in Silicon Valley (Sunnyvale specifically) that may not have been very visible.

Once a month, from 7pm-9pm on the penultimate Wednesday, we get together for the SV ROS SIG (Silicon Valley ROS Special Interest Group) which is a smaller spin-off from the Homebrew Robotics Club

The meeting is very casual and currently quite small. I like to bring a robot project to work on while talking ROS and robotics in general. I’d like to invite any locals in this community to come on out if you want to also work on your robots or talk shop :slight_smile:

The next meeting will be next Wednesday, February 19.
It is held at Maker Nexus, 234 E Caribbean Dr. Sunnyvale 94089

I hope to see some of you there!

P.S. HBRC is also fun if you weren’t aware of it, they have guest speakers, robotics challenges, etc, in the monthly meeting (final Wednesday of the month)

P.P.S. - I’m not sure, but would a Bay Area section under Local User Groups be appropriate? To talk about events, groups, resources in the area?


We could make a Bay Area group. I think in the area most people use Silicon Valley Robotics for event announcements, but I don’t have a problem creating a local group if we have critical mass.

Do you mean this?

Yes. Andra runs it.

I didn’t know there was a ROS SIG of Homebrew. Is that relatively new (i.e. last 3 years)?

I’m not sure - it’s existed at least a year, but my presence in the area goes back no further.

SV-ROS has been in existence since 2013 and has been co-opted by the HBRC SIG (HomeBrew Robotics Club - Special Interest Group) as ROS is our special interest.

Here’s a link to the HBRC:
And here’s a link to SV-ROS:

We have a variety of robots one of our main platforms of interest is the Neato Botvac:

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