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Snapshots for Melodic stopped?

There is no snapshot for the latest Melodic sync but rather a final folder pointing to the May sync. I would expect it to look like this for EOL distributions like Kinetic but afaik Melodic is still alive right?

I hope creating a new topic like this is the intended way of asking for support here? @nuclearsandwich

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Sorry about that. The final repository for melodic currently contains the the final snapshot for Debian Stretch which is no longer supported.

Snapshots are still manually taken by me when I get the release announcement email so the only reason the recent melodic snapshot was missing is that I got distracted before taking it. I’ve taken the snapshot now so it should be online.

Previously I recommended creating topics in the Buildfarm category to report snapshot issues but we now have an infrastructure repository specifically for fielding infrastructure issue reports GitHub - osrf/infrastructure: Repository for tracking issues across Open Robotics infrastructure and I’d suggest reporting issues there.

Thanks! I was just worried it’s already automated and a copy-paste error slipped in and EOL’d melodic snapshots