Snowbot Operating System


Happy Decemberween everyone! A little present for you: The snowbot operating system (i.e. the useless RViz plugin that makes it snow) is now available in both ROS 1 AND ROS 2! And it is available in the melodic/foxy/rolling binaries (and will be available for noetic/galactic with the next sync).


Maybe useful for this? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I could see an autonomous snow plow competition being fun. My partner’s mother just got a fancy new electric snow blower and I really think it needs to be automated.


My robot is catching snowflakes right now :laughing:

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Working on it, we will send our coding and Ignition Gazebo moves soon.

Thanks community


Nice, we added something similar to Foxglove for the holidays too - :laughing::snowflake:

I was in MN at the time of the first one in 2011 for my father-in-law’s funeral. I’d heard about it and decided to go. It was interesting but soooo cold. I’ve been in California too long.

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