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Srdfdom porting to ROS2

Anyone working on porting srdfdom to ROS2? If not, our team at Persistent System is ready to put the effort in porting srdfdom to ROS2. Please let us know if anyone has any concern or would like to share any relevant information that we will help us in this porting effort. If anyone has already started already working on porting srdfdom, Please let us know if you will be interested to obtain our assistance in the porting effort.
@130s, @davetcoleman, I see that you are the maintainer of this package in ROS, hence I’m tagging you here in this post.

I believe @davetcoleman’s response in Geometric_shapes porting to ROS2 applies to this as well.

@130s, thanks for your response. As srdfdom follows geometric_shapes, I’m adding srdfdom in our to-do list and as soon as our team is done with first set 6 packages that we are actively working on either porting+testing or testing (as porting is already done), we will prioritize srdfdom along with geometric_shapes.