Stream and Explore Your Custom Data with the New Foxglove WebSocket Protocol

Our app Foxglove Studio has its origins in the ROS world – many of our visualization panels were inspired by off-the-shelf ROS tooling, and the app integrates seamlessly with ROS 1 and 2 data sources. However, we recognize that people may have their robotics data in a variety of formats – ROS or otherwise.

Since our team’s mission is to bring world-class tooling to all robotics teams, we spent the last several weeks developing the Foxglove WebSocket connection , a new protocol that allows anyone to use their data inside Studio v0.24.

We currently support Protobuf and JSON-encoded data, in addition to our existing ROS support, but we are looking to expand this feature to help more robotics teams explore their custom data inside Foxglove Studio!

Read the full announcement here:

Please let us know if there are any data formats we should consider supporting!


We’ve also published a follow-up tutorial on how to explore your Protobuf data inside Foxglove Studio with this new WebSocket protocol:

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