Visualize your ROS and non-ROS data using Foxglove schemas

We think that you should have access to world-class data visualization tooling for your robots – regardless of your recording data format, custom software framework, or your decisions to switch between any of these. We also think it should be easy to take full advantage of open source visualization applications like Foxglove Studio.

We built Foxglove schemas as a step towards this vision, of robotics tooling for anyone and everyone. Foxglove schemas are a Foxglove-native way to represent your data – whether it’s in ROS 1, ROS 2, JSON, or Protobuf format.

Learn how you can record your ROS and/or non-ROS data to leverage Foxglove Studio’s open source visualizations:

Let us know if your team would find this useful, or if you have any feedback on further developing these schemas. Join our Slack community to ask questions and influence our open source roadmap.


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