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STVL & NPVL Available in Navigation2 (ROS2)


Just wanted to drop by and mention that STVL (spatio-temporal voxel layer) [1] and NPVL (nonpersistent voxel layer) [2] are now both available in ROS2 Dashing and Eloquent for use. Documentation on how to add it to the Navigation2 stack can be seen in [3].

A few folks that have already moved to ROS2 Navigation have asked for them and wanted to outwardly just mention it for future passersby that this is now available and fully-featured in ROS2.



Didn’t you mention these in your talk at ROSCon? Should I post a link to the talk so everyone can realize how amazingly cool these tools are?

So cool in fact, by googling stvl it appears on my computer on the 5th page of search results (and… I wrote it… I think google knows that’s something I’m probably interested in :laughing: ). Maybe I should have picked another acronym, though I think abbreviation rights go to David Tsai. Until “STVL” I used it call it “that voxel work” because “the spatio-temporal voxel layer” doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. STVL still a major improvement over that unnamed work in the corner.

Anyhow, yes, here’s the talk:

Thinking back on this, actually about 2/3 of the “future work” stuff is done now. It supports fully 3D lidars and a couple of companies are using that for indoor/outdoor VLP 16 navigation.