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Survey about ROS2 usage in companies?

For the companies section in the awesome-ros2 list I am looking for companies which are “using” ROS2 (means working with ROS2 in research departments). A lot of companies search for employees with ROS2 know how. However most of the time ROS2 is mentioned as “bonus” and it’s not easy to figure out if companies actually use ROS2. Probably this topic is worth a survey?

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I would also like that.
Maybe we should even include questions about ROS1 & ROS2 - which are they using.
And also ask if they use ROS1 / ROS2 in their commercial products.
Do you already have an idea on how you would want to publish such a survey?

Answers to questions like these would be enlightening. However I’m pretty sure most companies won’t answer due to various reasons. I’d not answer questions in much detail myself.

Not any idea yet…

If you’re using ROS or ROS2 in your product, both the BSD and the Apache-2.0 license require you to declare that.

Of course, companies are not obliged to answer a survey, but they would have to put it into their product documentation for their customers.


Right. However I’m not very motiavted to search for and browse through product documents :slight_smile:

I am a bit skeptical of surveys. Generally any survey is only going to be as effective as its reach; and if the community is always doing surveys there is going to be a bit of fatigue. I feel like what might be more effective is if we collect all of the data the community wants into one big survey and send that out once a year.

I think the problem is more general. How can the ROS community create such an awesome list with the community by the community? A central blog and package index with some kind of usage statistic is missing from my point of view. To measure usage, quality and actuality of all the packages needs to be done by the community in a cooperated way.

Are you interested to create a better concept with me finding a way to idendify the gems in ROS and who is using them? I think this is should be on of the major duties to stop reinventing the wheel.

We could for example join forces for the Awesome Robotic Tooling list and the Awesome Robot Operating System 2 List.

This talk form ROSCon 2019 is very related on this topic:

Much of what you ask for does exist in one form or another. Probably more of a problem is the lack of a centralised place to obtain the information.

For example, there is the yearly metrics report.

Pretty much anything @DLu touches turns into well-organised and well-presented data.

Open Robotics does run a news stream, although it is more about their news than a general ROS blog.

The new package index is a marvel.


Another resource for finding out about ROS news is where there’s a aggregated news feed from several members of the community. If you have community relevant content that provides a feed you’re encouraged to submit it to be aggregated there too.

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Preventing reinventing the wheel was a major motivation for creating this list. A lot of good resources existing now have not been existing when I created the list. After recognizing the existence of these other resources I stopped adding usual packages. The only type of content
what I am still adding are things most ros users are not aware of like e.g. the forks of ROS2 of and VXWorks or w.r.t. ROS2 deveolpment. And companies using ROS2. ROS2 is great because it’s possible to create robust products. I join any initiative which ensures that more people learn about ROS2. I don’t think the list is a long time solution. But I still miss one single entry point which enables people to get a broad and fast overview about ROS2 without creating cognitive overload the people do not need (yet).