Synthetic data generation with Isaac SIM webinar

With data as the lifeblood of AI development, synthetic data is an elegantly simple concept to create on demand data needed for training and testing AI functions.

As a follow-up to Synthetic data generation with Isaac SIM tutorial, the engineer whom developed the Replicator synthetic data generation tool recently hosted a webinar. This is the same Replicator tool that we use to create datasets to train the DNN’s for ROS perception packages.

The recording of the Synthetic data generation with Isaac SIM webinar is free for viewing with an online registration.

The latest version of Isaac SIM 2022.1 was released at the beginning of June.



I had attended the Synthetic data generation training with Isaac. The monte carlo method was really helpful. I implemented it in developing a bot system that had real-data, because the chatbot development services could generate synthetic data by determining the best fit distributions for given real-data. If businesses want to fit real-data into a known distribution and they know the distribution parameters, businesses can they can use Monte Carlo method to generate synthetic data. I’m looking forward to this training as well

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