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[TB3] TurtleBot3 official wiki site (technical information)


ROBOTIS is working hard to make TurtleBot3 not only for physical computing but also for the virtual environment.
So we set up the fake node of TutleBot3 on RVIZ, the most popular visualization tool on ROS.
We’ll move on to Gazebo 3D and other simulation tools soon.

Also, we officially release a wiki page which contains specifications and various information.
If you need more information, please let us know. :slight_smile: (technical information) (main website / TurtleBot3 information will be updated soon)

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Hello. I have installed the turtlebot3 simulator as I am interested in learning as much as possible before deciding to make a purchase of an actual turtlebot3. However, I noticed that the “fake Node” command does not work. More specifically, the following command : roslaunch turtlebot3_fake turtlebot3_fake.launch, results in the following output:

[turtlebot3_fake.launch] is neither a launch file in package [turtlebot3_fake] nor is [turtlebot3_fake] a launch file name
The traceback for the exception was written to the log file

Can you kindly point me in the correct direction to solve this problem?


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Hi @helpteye

This message is because you did not install the turtlebot3_fake package.
The related packages are described in the following links and how to use them. :slight_smile: